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Name:Panik Slash
Location:(states/regions/territories), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:UniversalPanik - a great place for info
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for slash fiction and media for the German band Panik.
Dear Linke,
if you have found this comm while surfing we recommend that you click the back button now. This is for your own sanity; just trust us on this point.
With love,
The mods of the comm

Panik Slash Fanfiction/Art
All slash pairings, all ratings...

Slash - definition: fiction/art with overtones or direct male/male or female/female pairings.
Welcome to [community profile] panikslash. This is a community for all those who adore Panik and wish to see slash fiction/art about them.

We take slash pairings only of all ratings; the only restriction on content* is that a member of Panik is in the story as part of the main pairing#.
*Other than content rules stated below
#For femslash you would have to be genderbending one of the boys unless there was also a main slash pairing.

Please 'friends lock' all new NC-17 posts Thank you.

  1. If you would like to post your work, please follow this handy guide or something similar.

    Post subject (to help with memory listing) should be of the form of one of the following -
    Fic: Story Title, Rating, Pairing
    Art: Art Title, rating, Pairing

    Post body should contain the following:
    Rating: (Please 'friends lock' all NC-17 posts)
    Challenge: (name of challenge or leave out this line :))
    Author's notes:

    (you can copy and paste from the box below)

    Rating: (Please 'friends lock' all NC-17 posts)
    Challenge: (name of challenge or leave out this line :))
    Artist's notes:

    (you can copy and paste from the box below)

  2. Please post all fics and art behind lj-cuts.
  3. If you wish to post a link to your fic/art that is fine, but the post you link to must be unlocked. Do not post links to locked entries.
  4. Writers, please beta your work! (have at least one person proof read for you. There are things even spell check won't catch!) If you have a fic you'd like to post, but don't have a beta, write a post asking for anyone who might like to help you out. Spelling and grammatical errors tend to bring the flow of a fic to a grinding halt. We won't throw you out for not doing this, but you're likely to have lots more readers if you do.
  5. We are open to all pairings, settings, situations, styles, and kinks as long as a member of Panik is in the fic in a relationship with another male (or another female if you are gender bending the Panik boys). Our only exception is that if there are any minors in the fic involved in sexual situations they must be over 14 if the sex is designed to tittilate the reader.
  6. We want to make this a safe place to be creative and original. Everything that is posted in the community is ART. Someone has poured their love and time into every fic. If you don't like someone's work, you can:
    a) say nothing
    b) leave feedback that is kind and constructive
  7. If you would like to pimp your new community, RPG, website or grandmother, we would like it if you were a member first, and then please check with one of the mods before posting.
  8. Please tag you entries. Tags have already been created for pairings, genre and rating and will help readers find your fic. If you need a new tag added please email a maintainer and we will add it as soon as we can. We wish the tags to stay sensible and hence have not opened them for all users to add.
  9. Please do not disable comments on posts -it makes it very hard for mods to tell you if something needs changing about a post.
  10. The rating system is as follows:
    NC17 - explicit adult themes, be it sex or violence
    R - non-explicit adult theme, be it sex or violence
    PG13 - some content not suitable for younger viewers
    PG - some content not suitable for kiddies
    G - suitable for all audiences

Flaming (saying rude nasty things about someone's work) is not welcome here.
Other Links
Universal Panik
A really good site for info on the boys.

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